WWF Earth Hour Workshop- Upcycle Pallet Tray


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We are working with WWF to host workshop at a special discounted rate! 


In this workshop, you will get to learn the basics of woodworking from our experienced team and hand make your very own wooden tray!

These square wooden trays are each unique and fit nicely atop your work desk and act as a lovely compartment for your personal belongings or even as a gift to your friends and family.


Made from reclaimed wood, each tray is unique in its own way.
Every piece of pallet wood is carefully checked for the presence of any rusty nails. After ensuring that all nails have been removed, the wood is then hand sanded using 280, 360 and 1000 grade sandpaper to make sure that there are no wood splinters.


Size: 200mm x 200mm x 80mm

Location: Marina Bay Sands (open area near The Float)