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Lumberjack Stool


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The rawness and simple form of this piece is to contrast with the sophisticated copper plywood series in the same collection. Every outward facing side of the stool is carefully chosen to showcase the most beautiful and natural wood grain pattern.

The timbers are arranged in alternate layout to produce a subtle yet interesting pattern on the seating end. Use it either standing upright or laid flat as a low stool or carry it around like a piece of luggage with the attached steel handle. When being carried around, the stool emulates a pile of freshly chopped timber tied together with straps. Everyone can experience being a lumberjack for a moment.

Every piece of timber is carefully measured to achieve the overall dimension of the stool. Before the timber can be use, they are checked repeatedly for the presence of rusty nails. After ensuring all nails have been removed, the timber are hand sanded using 400, 800 and 1200 grade sandpaper to sure no wood splinter can hurt the end user.  


All timber used in making this stool comes from architectural sites in Singapore. They are all ready to be discarded if not collected.


Reclaimed timber, nylon straps, galvanised steel buckle and handle. 


200 X 200 X 450

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