Concrete Casting Workshop: Marbleous Mini and Crushed Planter - tripleeyelid
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Workshop: Upcycle Concrete Casting Workshop


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Learn to make two of triple eyelid's iconic mini succulent planter.

Made from used plastic cups from cafe and disposable coffee machine capsules, every planter is unique to its natural formed crushed pattern and marble pattern.

The plastic cup is such a constant supply of waste from our everyday life that the triple eyelid team tries to make something useful from these trustworthy beverage holder.

At the end of the workshop, participants can bring home one Crushed and one Marbleous mini planter with complimentary succulents of choice.

In triple eyelid studio, we seek to use every day discarded waste as product design materials.
We also emphasize on hand-making every product as we believe that the product life lasts longer when the end users makes it themselves.

Our concrete products are easy to make, fun, sleek and functional all at once.
Through teaching the concept of up-cycling, we aim to let the public re-think the product potential of everyday waste material and towards a more environmentally sustainable society.

Fee: $80/pax 

Duration: 2 Hours

Location: 3 Fourth Lok Yang Rd, Singapore 629700