Concrete and Timber Side Table


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Concrete and timber has always been a great material combination for furniture for a long time.

The cold hardness of concrete juxtaposed against the warmth and softness of timber brings out an industrial yet modern vibe to the furniture.


Selected heat-treated reclaimed pine timber ensures that no two furniture is alike.The nail holes are a reminder of the timber's pallet past life. A combination of simplicity meets upcycling provides a clean profile suitable for any working environment. 

Every piece of timber is carefully measured to achieve the overall dimension of the bench. Before the timber can be use, they are checked repeatedly for the presence of rusty nails. After ensuring all nails have been removed, the timber are hand sanded using 400, 800 and 1200 grade sandpaper to sure no wood splinter can hurt the end user.   

Reclaimed pallet pine timber

300mm Diameter, 450mm height