Shipping and Return Policy

Triple Eyelid comprises a team of dedicated young designers, working hard into the research and development of environmentally sustainable design.
Be it interior, furniture, or product design, our focus is to re-define, re-design, and most importantly, reduce environmental waste.

How do we acquire industrial waste?

As Interior Designers for commercial, residential and hospitality background, we witness tonnes of waste materials discarded from job sites which we find especially wasteful.
All up-cycled products and furniture are acquired from discarded industrial waste from the local job sites. 

Why “triple eyelid”?

The attempt to rationalise the team’s quirky, and seemingly illogical name may be a tall one; but truth be told, it simply means that the team will be working so hard that we could even develop the triple eyelid phenomenon.      

Somebody once told us that managing a business is not fun and games, but ours is! :)

Where to find us?


Triple Eyelid Studio, Warehouse Level 2
3 Fourth Lok Yang Rd Singapore 629700


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