1. What is the minimum/maximum rental period?

Our rental period is standardized. The minimum/maximum rental period is 3 days.

If you only need to rent for a few hours, you will still need to fulfill the minimum three days rental cost.

2. What happens if I found a defect on the furniture upon renting it?

Please inform us immediately by sending us a photo of the defect.

3. Is there a deposit required? 

No, there will be no deposit required.

4. I've accidentally damaged the furniture, what are the charges?

We regret to inform that once the furniture is damaged, it will be considered sold. The cost of each crate is $35.

5. I would like to extend my rental period, how do I do it?

Drop us an email at and we will assist you shortly.

6. What is the difference between the basic booth, deluxe booth and premium booth?

The Basic booth consists of 3 modular crates, the Deluxe booth consists of 5 modular crates and the Premium booth consists of 9 modular crates and a workstation table.