Our Sustainability Efforts

Sustainability has always been a consistent driver in XCEL Industrial Supplies' passion and enthusiasm in creating a better future for our world. Throughout the 26 years in operations, XCEL has motivated various business partners and customers to cultivate an positive attitude towards sustainability. 

In XCEL, we implemented our Circular Economy concept moving towards Zero Waste. Hence, we would like to urge all businesses to implement and reinforce the Circular Economy concept in order to create a more sustainable future for our world.

What is Circular Economy?

According to Towards Zero Waste Singapore, the circular economy is an alternative to a traditional linear economy (take, make, waste). It seeks to reduce waste, recovers resources at the end of a product’s life, and channels them back into production, thus significantly reducing pressure on the environment. 

How does Triple Eyelid contribute to XCEL's Circular Economy approach?

Watch the video below to find out!