Advanced Workshop: Design on your own!

Advanced Workshop: Design on your own!


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Do you have a design in your head and not sure where and how to make it? Or you can't find anywhere with woodworking machinery and equipments? We've got you covered! 

Triple Eyelid's Advanced Workshop gives you an in-depth introduction to woodworking tips and tricks from our experienced team.

Machines and Equipments includes:
- Panel Saw
- Band Saw
- Jointer
- Mitre Saw
- Belt Sander
- Drill Press
- Circular Saw
- Jigsaw and many more

Free workshop tour and tools introduction.

- Basic usage: $15/hour for all hand held power tools and workshop usage. Expendables not included.
- Advanced usage: $30/hour for access on all big and small machines and power tools. Expendables not included.
- Unlimited usage: $80/hour. All workshop usage inclusive of wood materials, expendables and guidance from our staff. Expendables: Wood materials, drill bits, screws, nails, wood glue and sandpaper charged separately

Opening hours: Weekdays 11am to 6pm.
Weekends: By appointment only

Contact us at for bookings!