XCEL blog 000_Use Reclaimed Pallets!

An initiative by Xcel Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd, Triple Eyelid studios has teamed up with Soh Ju Hu on a series of furniture and products primarily made from reclaimed pallet wood.

Majority of the pallet wood in Singapore are imported and may consist of different species of hardwood and softwood, depending on the strength required to do its job. The most common species would be softwood such as pine and are more often than not, neglected for the recyclability. 

It has been estimated that the world uses 2 billion pallets each day, most conveniently discarded resulting in a serious industrial wastage. Packaging companies such as Xcel Industrial Supplies did their part by reclaiming pallets for repair and provide heat treatment so as to sell them again as usable pallet. Inspired by their sustainable approach to industrial waste, we took their reclaimed pallet wood and gave them a new face lift! Hopefully, we can get more end consumers to be interested in buying furniture and products from reclaimed pallet wood! 

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