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An initiative by Xcel Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd, Triple Eyelid studios has teamed up with Soh Ju Hu on a series of furniture and products primarily made from reclaimed pallet wood. 

Lichen Frame 1
Lichen Frame 2
Lichen Frame 3


A collaboration between Soh Ju Hu and Greenology to use different species of pine wood to make Wall Decorative Frames with Reindeer Moss (Lichens).  Our goal is to expound the different characteristics of the materials to match the Reindeer Moss. All frames were sanded and applied with Ronseal's Quick Dry Wood Finish (satin clear), Minwax's Polycrylic (clear semi-gloss) and Colron Beewax (natural) respectively from first photo down. These wood finishing helps to elaborate the natural grain characteristics of different pine species. 


All timber used in making these frames are heat treated pallet pine wood collected in Singapore. They are all ready to be discarded if not collected. After collection, pallets are dismantled into planks for sawing and planing to achieve its usable profile which we could then safely use to design. 


Reclaimed pallet pine timber with heat treatment. 

Dimensions (mm):


To buy, please email soh.ju.hu@gmail.com.

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