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An initiative by Xcel Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd, Triple Eyelid studios has teamed up with Soh Ju Hu on a series of furniture and products primarily made from reclaimed pallet wood. 

Outdoor Table and Bench
Mini Planter
Square-foot planter


These are Ju Hu's prototypes garden furniture built for Microgreens Community Garden at Bishan. For the garden table, garden bench and mini-planter, they were sanded and finished with Boiled Linseed Oil to endure the weathering. Whereas the square-foot planter were simply planed without finishing. With our current observation, without protection with wood finishing, these pine slowly deteriorates by weather, not insects. We will observe how long these pine wood will exactly lasts outdoor with and without finishing. 

Design approach was to remain simple and exploratory, allowing anyone to visualize and imagine how they can redesign other garden furniture with the same materials. 


All timber used in making these garden furniture are heat treated pallet pine wood collected in Singapore. They are all ready to be discarded if not collected. After collection, pallets are dismantled into planks for sawing and planing to achieve its usable profile which we could then safely use to design. 


Reclaimed pallet pine timber with heat treatment. 

Dimensions (mm):


To buy, please email soh.ju.hu@gmail.com.

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