Xcel blog_003_Pallet Lazy Susan

An initiative by Xcel Industrial Supplies Pte Ltd, Triple Eyelid studios has teamed up with Soh Ju Hu on a series of furniture and products primarily made from reclaimed pallet wood.


The Pallet wood lazy susan has one of the most basic shape but also the most functional. It can add a rustic yet playful contrast to round dining tables of any material. The simple shape also makes a great cafe table with any furniture legs!


All timber used in making this lazy susan are heat treated pallet pine wood collected in Singapore. They are all ready to be discarded if not collected. Every piece of timber is carefully measured to achieve the overall dimension of the stool. Before the timber can be use, they are checked repeatedly for the presence of rusty nails. After ensuring all nails have been removed, the timber are hand sanded using 400, 800 and 1200 grade sandpaper to sure no wood splinter can hurt the end user.  


Reclaimed pallet pine timber sealed and heat treated. 


700 X 30(h)





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