Residential Outdoor Bar Set

Copper-plywood Outdoor Bar Set

An upgraded version of our copper pipe bar furniture series, our main challenge was to make these stationary bar table and stools weather-proof in an open balcony space. 

Our client has requested for a bar set that can withstand the scorching sun and rainy days in tropical Singapore. 25mm thick marine plywood was used in replacement for the common plywood used in our other series. 

All measurement from bar table height, width, horizontal bar and stool copper backing was customised based on client’s requirement. We were tasked to come up with a bar stool design that is low cost, original yet matches the whole outlook of the copper and plywood palette. We decided on an IKEA-hack of the Dalfred Bar stool, keeping the base while changing the seat to something more industrial and raw. Copper backrest doubles as a handle.


Marine plywood is especially hard to work with. The sheer density of the wood fibre causes the surface of the plywood to split when we try to drill into it. A very meticulous routing was required as any wrong action will render the costly marine plywood useless. 

Buy Copper High Bar Table | SGD$680

Buy Copper High Bar Stool | SGD$210

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