Product Showcase at National Design Centre

At triple eyelid, we believe in reducing waste through design. Each product is carefully made in house in our humble little studio workshop in Singapore. Here at triple eyelid, we aim to find usefulness out of discarded materials to reduce material wastage one product at a time.

We are especially thankful to Mr Chris Lefteri, leading industry material expert, for the opportunity to showcase our concrete collection in his materials design lab located in the National Design Centre.

All of the products are made from discarded materials or objects that we encounter in our everyday lives. As designers, we encounter numerous amount of waste material in our work environment on a daily basis. The materials that we are able to salvage with ease includes: reclaimed timber, wood pallets, excess cement, copper pipes and more. The current line of designs are: 

1_Concrete Phone Holder_Hootjiliap

The Hootjiliap concrete table organizer series comes in four different sizes; mini, mobile, phablet and tablet. The HJL can be use as a solid paperweight, phone charging holder, note book holder, name card holder and pen holder.

The white painted region indicates the embedded magnet position and can be used to easily hold and organise paper clips or charging cable. Lego blocks were used as moulds for these concrete blocks and can be reused as moulds as many times as desired. The cement powder used comes from cement collected from construction sites which is to be discarded if not collected. 

2_Marble concrete cup large:

Made from used plastic cups from hawker and cafe. The plastic cup is such a constant supply of waste from our everyday life that the triple eyelid team tries to make something useful from these trustworthy beverage holder.

We encourage clients to bring their own used plastic cups and we will turn them into concrete cups where they can purchase at a discounted price. Therefore, each piece of concrete is unique and spontaneous. They can be used as an interior decoration or a rustic looking stationary holder.

Marble concrete cup mini: Using the same moulding principle as the concrete large concrete cup, the mini cup is a candle light holder. Used coffee machine capsule pods are reused as moulds for the candle lights.

Price: SGD$60 (Large), SGD$35 (Small)

3_Marble concrete pen holder_Unsinkable

The unsinkable pen holder series is made from leftover copper pipes of our copper furniture series and the dome-shaped base is moulded with old stationary organiser. Playful yet elegant, the Unsinkables come in single and double pen holder option. The wider single pen holder has embedded magnet to keep the desk free of paper clip mess.

The Unsinkable bears a vague resemblance to the classic titanic which directly inspired the name of this product. Every interaction with the pen holder causes the Unsinkable to rock from side to side which animates the boring working space. We hope to add a little life and fun to the ever static workstation. 


Visit our showcase at NDC level 2, Chris Lefteri Materials Design Lab! 111 Middle Road, Singapore 188969

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