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"At Triple Eyelid studio, Jackie Tan and his colleagues emphasise sustainability, sourcing much of their raw material from wastage from construction projects. One line of furniture, which feels more Brooklyn than Singapore, reworks old delivery pallets to create display units. "We sand the wood down and treat it, but we try to retain the look as much as possible," Tan says. The raw look has received a warm welcome, with at least one local cafe commissioning Triple Eyelid to do its interior.

The practical, hands-on approach favoured by Tan and his colleagues is not just conceptual, solving problems by using creativity instead of technology, but also an acknowledgement that Singapore lacks an established local manufacturing sector. It also reflects the principals' own limitations. "I don't have any elaborate carpentry skills, so we have to keep it simple," Tan says.

That has led to playful products such as the Ikea Hack bar stool, which jazzes up a simple Ikea stool by replacing the top with plywood backing and using some copper piping. Even with bespoke commissions, Tan encourages his clientele to get their hands dirty, giving a discount to customers willing to get involved in the project's construction.

Triple Eyelid also runs regular workshops for locals looking to get in touch with their creative side. Among the most popular: workshops is how to make Triple Eyelid's distinctive planters, using crushed plastic cups as a mould. Tan says locals are slowly beginning to discover that creativity is more enjoyable than consumerism. "People want something to do on the weekends apart from eating, shopping and going to movies," he says.


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